Retail Plant List

This is the full list of the herb plants, wild flower plants, and plants for wildlife we aim to have available for 2013 but we are unlikely to have all plants in stock at any one time! Plants are usually in 8cm square pot, and sometimes in a 13cm round pot. If you are looking for a particular plant we advise you to email or phone (01808 521288) to check availability before coming to the nursery to avoid disappointment!

The nursery is open for plant sales every day during daylight hours, throughout the year.

The "more info" part of the list is still under construction - it is a job for next winter!

Aromatic herb
Culinary herb
Dye plant
Edible flowers or petals
Edible fruit or stem
Medicinal herb
Plant for wildlife
Seeds normally available
Wild Flower

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Allium sativum
more info >>
Garlic - Wild
Allium ursinum
more info >>
Gentianan sino-ornata
more info >>
Geranium - hardy

more info >>
Geraniums - Scented Leaf
Pelargonium sp.
more info >>
Germander - Hedge
Teucrium chamaedrys
more info >>
Germander - Wall
Teucrium chamaedrys
more info >>
Ginko biloba
more info >>
Goat's Rue
Galega officinalis
more info >>
Golden Rod - wild
Solidago virgaurea
more info >>
Good King Henry
Chenopodium bonus-henricus
more info >>
Ulex europaeus
more info >>
Granny's Bonnets
Aquilegia vulgaris
Old fashioned cottage garden plant
more info >>
Granny's Bonnets - Alpine
Aquilegia alpina
more info >>
Grass of Parnassus
Parnassia palustris
more info >>
Eupatorium purpueum
more info >>
Greenweed - Dyer's
Genista tinctoria
more info >>
Lycopus europaeus
more info >>
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